Welcome to our holiday programme with Fabelo and Gaia!

An online adventure about two best friends and the rescue of the 4 elements. Until 20.8.21 around the world

The alchemy circle has called Gaia's family to go in search of the four elements to prevent a catastrophe. Gaia and Fabelo are best friends and brave explorers. Together they want to prevent the elements earth, water, fire and air from dissolving and disappearing. Join Fabelo and Gaia on their exciting journey through the universe and help them solve this great task. In the coming two weeks, you will travel to and get to know different planets, you will have to overcome dangers and learn about great superpowers. Get ready to bring together the philosopher's stones and discover the secret of alchemy. You're probably wondering how we're going to do it! It takes a lot of creativity, crafting skills, experimentation and courage. We will make sailboats, conjure up rainbows, paint treasure maps, learn about animal movements and build teepees. Be excited and come along on this journey through space and time.

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At a glance

Age group

Our holiday programme is suitable for children from the age of 6. We plan to have children with a weekly ticket in the same group and supervised by the same Kids Coach. Would your child like to be in the same group with a friend? We are happy to make this possible. Just let us know when you make your booking.


In the weekly schedules below you will find an overview of the required utensils for the respective day. After booking the programme, you will also receive this overview by e-mail.

Dear children, The time has finally come for Fabelo and Gaia to set off on an adventurous journey to undiscovered planets and places in Gaia's home town. The two best friends are going to experience a lot and hope for a lot of support in completing their tasks and are looking forward to you joining them. As you may know, the whole journey will take 2 weeks. But it's up to you to decide whether you accompany Fabelo and Gaia for the whole 2 weeks or only on certain days when you have time to strengthen the group with your support. Every day counts and has its own adventures and experiences.

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The 1st week

On the first day, Monday, you will of course meet Gaia and Fabelo and their story. Together we will read a letter from an ancient secret alchemy circle to Gaia's great-great grandmother, who probably never received it... We also learn about Fabelo's incredible superpowers and meet up with the two of them in a clearing in the forest, their favourite place, where they decide how and where the journey should begin.

On Tuesday, Fabelo will go on an adventure with us to 4 different planets to find parts of a big, powerful element stone and to save the 4 elements from dissolving... The desert planet will be the first planet our journey will take us to. Of course, we first build the right vehicle that can easily move around in a desert. We discover shady oases, rescue an unknown animal from a salt lake and learn what a mirage is. We arrive at a labyrinth.... Will we find the stone and clue for the next planet there?

On Wednesday we go to the water planet. There, of course, we don't get far with our desert vehicle, so we need a boat to continue the journey. We discover many small lakes, a large sea with islands and waterfalls. We take the opportunity for a little fun and try out some water sports. We make a map to stay on the right track and to find the water stone and clue for the next planet. Hopefully the map will really show us the right way...

Fortunately, the map showed us the right way and we found a clue to go with it. This Thursday, we travel to the air planet. Here, a beautiful, singing bird awaits us, taking us into its colourful and melodic world. With lots of music and singing. Of course, we also need a means of travel today and what better way than with a flying machine so that we too can fly through the air like a bird! Will we find the air stone and again the next clue along the way?

Today, Friday, is the last day of Fabelo's journey. We have already achieved a lot together. The most dicey task is about to begin, because the journey goes to the fire planet. We are lucky because we are travelling as dragons, so we don't mind the heat there. We discover volcanoes that will help us a lot to find the last element stone...

Gaia has the task of finding Spirit. This stands for all the life around us and is hiding somewhere in her hometown. We help her follow the clues every day to hopefully unite the 4 element stones with Spirit in the end.

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The 2nd week

You may already know that Gaia and Fabelo have a favourite place in the forest. They always meet there to do all sorts of things. On Monday, we meet Gaia there as she is thinking about how to start her search. We discover a bat, which we follow together with Gaia, since bats actually sleep during the day...in the process, we enter a beautiful, deep cave, which probably holds some secrets. Perhaps also a clue to Spirit?

In fact, yesterday we found a clue in the cave, so today on Tuesday we are going to a small lake called Yara. We are travelling to an underwater world that is so deep that we need a submarine. Together we build it and dive into a mysterious world full of plants and animals, but also come across a shipwreck. Will the wreck provide us with the next clue? We will see...

That might have been exciting yesterday, especially finding the clue was not so easy. It's very dark this deep in the water, but in the end we made it together and we can continue today, Wednesday, to an old windmill. We make a windmill and fly kites until Gaia's kite gets caught in a tepee with a fire symbol. Have we found the next clue by chance? We definitely have to take a closer look tomorrow...

It is hard to believe, but on Thursday we actually meet children in the tipi who are dancing a fire dance. We are invited to join in the dance, which we are only too happy to do and think: This can't be a coincidence. Fire belongs to the 4 elements! We are given a special light to help us find Spirit. Together we discover the origin of this extraordinary light. Full of exciting anticipation, we set off together into a dense forest in the hope of discovering Spirit there.

Now we have to hope that Fabelo will manage to bring us all the partial stones in time. Only then can we decorate them in their respective element colours, red, yellow, blue and green, so that they can finally be united with Spirit and unfold their full power. But in order to reach Spirit high up, we have to build a climbing frame. Together we will manage to save our world...

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