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Dear mothers and fathers,

whether you are a parent, a employee of a partner company, a participant an online event or an applicant here... in all cases you will find support here with the help of KidsCircle.io's digital and interactive childcare.

In our KidsCircle house, up to 4 children meet in a video conference and are lovingly supervised by online-experienced Kids Coaches. The coaches encourage the children to do handcrafts, dance, experiment, do magic and much more, and have plenty of time for conversations and questions. Our varied offer is aimed at kids aged 4 to 11 and supports you for up to 2 hours a day.

All children are welcome at KidsCircle, regardless of their origin, language, gender, religion, preferences or individual characteristics that make them special. Here we are all allowed to be who we are.

Below you will find helpful information that explains our offer in more detail. If you still have questions, please feel free to use our customer chat and we will find the right answer.


We wish your child a

great time at KidsCircle.io!💚

The first steps

We have compiled the most important information for you in a compact and clear manner.

How does digital childcare work?

At KidsCircle.io, up to 4 children meet in a video conference and are lovingly supervised by online-experienced kids coaches. The coaches encourage the children to participate and are storytellers, clowns or sometimes the best friend. The kids can see each other and of course talk and interact with each other. Children who just want to watch or chat are also very welcome in our care services.💚

Technical requirements

Computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone with camera function and internet access

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What utensils do the children need?

White sheets, coloured or felt pens, adhesive tape incl. dispenser

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How do I dial in?

After booking, parents will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail as well as the dial-in data 1 hour before the start. We work together with the Norwegian provider Whereby.

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Short introduction

The kids coaches are in the video conference at the first Childcare 10 minutes before the start to clarify any technical circumstances or questions. Or come to our "get-to-know-you room" every Friday at 4:30 pm.

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At what times is Childcare offered?

The Kids Coaches supervise from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm.

Our awesome features

Interactive online Childcare with fun & games

Qualified Kids Coaches

No performance approach

Take a look

We look after up to 4 children per hour in individual themed rooms of the KidsCircle house and once a day we go together to an action room or on a discovery tour through 3 rooms of the house.

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NEW: Off on holiday

Starting on 5.07., children will join our mascots Gaia and Fabelo on their online adventure. They will have to work together to prevent the elements of earth, water, fire and air from dissolving. To do so, the kids will craft sailboats, conjure rainbows, paint treasure maps, learn animal movements and build teepees. In the end, they will save the universe and learn a lot about our planets.

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When you can count on us

We support you up to 2 hours daily in the domestic area

For meetings in the home office

Whether for regular meetings or video conferences with the boss at short notice - we support you with short-term bookable care offers.

Instead of TV/Gaming/Netflix & Co

Nowadays, 6-7 year olds spend up to 71 minutes a day in front of the TV. Replace this time with an interactive and inspiring offer for your child and say goodbye to a guilty conscience.

On days when the kindergarten or school is closed

In Germany, we have an average of 75 days of school and daycare closures. Here, we provide additional care services in the home with the digital Childcare .

When your child is sick

Sometimes something is brewing and we prefer to leave the children at home. In such cases, we offer your child social interaction and a meaningful activity instead of TV consumption.

If your babysitter cancels at short notice

Although our digital Childcare does not replace Childcare on site, it is a useful alternative that can take up to 2 hours off your workload.

Come on in to the KidsCircle house🏠

In our KidsCircle house there is something new to discover every time. The Kids-Coaches surprise up to 4 children with varied content in different virtual rooms of the house. Our childcare sessions start every hour and every day from 8am to 8pm. A visit to a themed room lasts 60 minutes and an extension of 30 or 60 minutes can be conveniently booked online. 1 x daily at 4 pm one of our action rooms opens. For example, we go on a discovery tour through the house and the kids visit 3 rooms in succession or currently we invite you to the NATURE ROOM and deal with life.

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Our themed rooms

Choose with your child from 6 themed rooms and changing activity rooms to find the most suitable care setting.

At a glance

Suitable age groups for children from 4 to 11 years with max. 4 children per group

No performance approach, with us being a child is in the foreground

Online experienced and certified Kids-Coaches with a lot of experience in the childcare sector

Fun and social interaction for the children

Varied contents from handicrafts, painting, magic, experimenting, dance and movement, music

Multilingual offers, e.g. German, English, Spanish

The Kids Coaches

Our freelancers and employees caregivers have many years of experience in childcare and are certified.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers. Do you have any further questions? Then feel free to write to us via our customer chat.

To give you a clearer picture of what we offer, we have prepared a short video for you and your child: https://youtu.be/JPztEDWhMXk

KidsCircle.io offers childcare for children from 4 to 10 years. Older children are of course welcome.

A Childcare can be booked up to 3 hours before the start of the Childcare . If you need support at short notice, please contact our customer chat.

We work together with the Norwegian provider Whereby. You can find instructions on how to use it here: https://www.kidscircle.de/whereby-anleitung

Please feel free to call us at: +49 30 219 18 408 or use the customer chat. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail to info@kidscircle.io or use the web form below.

What our parents say

"My children and I are thrilled all around! From the first greeting to the entire accompaniment, the concept has convinced me. The initial shyness of my little daughter (6) was gone after the warm welcome and after an hour both children came running in beaming with joy and shouting: 'Again!!!' Need any more words?"

Melanie Franke
Employee Organizational Development PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg eG

Do you have any questions?

Your employer does not yet offer support for families?

Then why not recommend KidsCircle.io to your HR/People department? If your employer signs a contract with us, employees will receive free access to our digital childcare.