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An innovative added value for every online event

As a professional service provider and expert in digital & interactive childcare, we accompany online events such as trade fairs, conferences, congresses or training courses for up to 2 hours/day. We look after the participants' children during the online event with a variety of content and in small groups. This enables parents to concentrate on the programme. With our solution, you offer the target group of parents a special added value and also contribute to equal opportunities. The integration takes place via a link to our landing page or integration of a widget.

SaaS providers

With childcare as an innovative add-on, providers of CMS systems or platforms have another interactive component at hand for digital events such as symposia, trade conventions, trade fairs or conferences.

Event and marketing agencies

Chat solutions and gamification are part of the standard repertoire of digital events. By integrating childcare into the event concept, you support your clients both in attracting participants and in positioning themselves as modern event organisers. Set a highlight!


In the wake of the digitalisation push, online events have become very important. They are low-threshold, flexible, efficient and cost-effective. Offer the Childcare to your own employees in peak project phases and to exhibitors and speakers as part of the event.

Address parents as a target group

Parents have to strongly prioritise their available time and need flexible childcare options. Provide a solution that still allows parents to participate in your online event.

How does digital childcare work?

At you will find digital & interactive childcare for children aged 4 to 11, delivered via video conferencing. With us, up to 4 children meet and are lovingly supervised by online-experienced Kids Coaches. The coaches encourage the kids to do crafts, dance, experiment and much more, and have plenty of time for conversation and questions. The kids see each other and the coach and are encouraged to participate and share. Children who just want to watch or chat are also very welcome in our care services.💚

Technical requirements

Computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone with camera function and internet access

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What utensils do the children need?

White sheets, coloured or felt pens, adhesive tape incl. dispenser

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How do I dial in?

After booking, parents will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail as well as the dial-in data 1 hour before the start. We work together with the Norwegian provider Whereby.

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At what times is Childcare offered?

The Kids Coaches supervise from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm.

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Short introduction & getting to know each other

We welcome you daily at 11 am to get to know us. Our Kids Coaches will take you to our KidsCircle house and tell you how we organise our care. Here is the space and time for your questions about our services. Getting to know each other" is free of charge. You will be sent the dial-in link 1h before the start. Of course, the kids are also welcome here.

Our awesome features

Here you can book your appointment to get to know us.

Take a look

Visit our virtual KidsCircle house for 1:40 minutes. Here, our Kids Coaches look after up to 4 children and together they discover different themed rooms, such as the experiments and magic room or the handicrafts and painting room.

Image old is all about trust. Our customers and partners appreciate that.

Digital Childcare at a glance

Suitable age groups for children aged 4-11 with a maximum of 4 children per group.

Up to 2 hours of fun and social interaction for the children

60 / 90 / 120 minutes Childcare services

No performance approach, with us being a child is in the foreground

Online experienced and certified Kids-Coaches with a lot of experience in childcare

Varied contents of handicrafts, painting, magic, experimenting, dance and movement

Childcare at the virtual trade fair


- Ready to go in any browser - Can be used on desktop, tablet and smartphone - Simple usability - Branded backgrounds possible

Our awesome features

- Guaranteed daily 8-20 hrs - Highly flexible and bookable up to 3 hrs in advance - Small groups with max. 4 children - No performance-based approach - Varied care content

Our awesome features

In 3 steps to the innovative add-on

1. Select care package

Select the right package for your online event. A direct booking is possible from 10 hours.

2. receive information and voucher code

We provide you with everything you need to get started within 3 hours.

3. start communication

With the help of our information package, you can easily inform your participants, who can then book childcare independently and according to their individual needs using the voucher code.

Care packages

Whether a customised offer with its own landing page or a highly flexible solution for quick implementation: we take care that the children of your participants are looked after lovingly and professionally. You book a quota of hours and receive a voucher code that the participants can easily redeem themselves.

  • Digital childcare in the play, chat and reading room
  • Scheduled
  • Up to 2 hours daily
  • Small groups up to max. 4 children
  • Direct booking by participants via voucher code
Book directly

Get to know us.

We look forward to hearing from you and will get back to you within 3 hours.

Your questions, our answers

We look after children aged 4 to 11 with the help of a video solution and a kids coach. In small groups of max. 4 children, we offer a variety of activities and an interactive Childcare.

Our EVENT care package includes 10 hours and costs 200 € plus VAT. Here is a calculation example: For a group of 4 children with a care duration of 1 hour, the contingent is reduced by 4 hours.

The integration can be done in 3 ways: a) Integration into the registration process/ticket purchase of the organiser:in b) Widget integration on website or in software solution c) Linking to booking page

After purchasing the care package, you will receive our welcome PDF incl. information, step-by-step instructions for participants and the voucher code. Depending on your integration, you have the following options: a) If integrated into registration process/ticket purchase of the organiser:in: After your participants have registered for childcare, send us the data via .csv/.xls for integration into our system. b) For widget integration on website or in software solution We will provide you with our widget code. c) When linking to booking page We will send you our logo, photo/text material incl. URL. After integration, participants can immediately book Childcare according to their individual needs during the event. They will then receive the dial-in data and further information up to 1 hour before the start of the childcare. A second device (e.g. laptop, tablet, mobile phone) is required for the Childcare of the children by a Kids-Coach.

We use the browser-based video solution from Whereby in Norway.

In addition to care in German, we also offer care in English. Spanish is possible on request.

You can purchase the EVENT care package online by credit card and Paypal. In parallel, we naturally offer purchase on account after confirmation of the offer.

We are available daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the customer chat, by e-mail or by phone (+49 30 219 18 408).

Cooperation partner

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I look forward to our conversation

We prefer the personal conversation and look forward to exchanging ideas with you! Arrange a free consultation and our Managing Director Sabine Wildemann will explain why you should offer that special something at your online event.

Would you like to find out how KidsCircle can support your business?

Call us on +49 30 219 18 408, write to or contact us for a demo.