Digital holiday programme supports parents of school children

Berlin, 6.07.2021 KidsCircle digital childcare creates high-quality alternative to monologue TV and streaming with interactive online adventure From now on, parents can send their children on an interactive online adventure. In KidsCircle's digital holiday programme, children from the age of 6 experience a two-week adventure journey across different planets where they have to save the four elements - without leaving their parents' home.

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Berlin start-up founder wins Recognition Award of the Female Innovation Forum

Berlin, 3.07.2021 Sabine Wildemann, founder and CEO of the Berlin-based childcare start-up KidsCircle, wins the Recognition Award of the Female Innovation Forum in Switzerland. The award is aimed at female founders whose products and services sustainably strengthen the economy.

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Sabine Wildemann, founder and CEO of the Berlin-based childcare start-up KidsCircle, wins the Recognition Award of the Female Innovation Forum in Switzerland. The award is aimed at female founders whose products and services sustainably strengthen the economy. 

Wildemann was able to convince the Expert:innen jury of its innovative digital childcare solution in a two-stage process. The concept: a high-quality alternative to monologue TV and streaming that supports parents and companies and contributes to a better work-life balance. In digital themed rooms, online-experienced Kids-Coaches take care of children from the age of 4 via video solution with a diverse range of activities. For example, KidsCircle enables parents to work in a concentrated manner, participate in a video call or even complete their own online yoga course.

"I am very happy to receive this award. I hope awards like this inspire and encourage even more women to start their own business. If we succeed in doing our bit for equal opportunities for women, we will have achieved our goal with KidsCircle," says Wildemann. 

The prize was awarded yesterday evening at the Award Night of the Female Innovation Forum Vol. 4 in Dielsdorf, Switzerland, in front of 150 invited guests.

Four Business Angels for Women Power from Germany and Switzerland

Berlin, 12.05.2021, the pioneer of digital childcare childcare, was able to attract four prominent four prominent business angels in a seed financing round. angels. With Nicole Herzog (Co-Founder Haufe-umantis), Dr. Carole Ackermann (President of the Lausanne School of Hotel Management), Daniela Hinrichs (formerly of XING) and Corinne Rohner (Member of the Board of Activa Holding), the Berliners have brought an experienced angel line-up on board.

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"Our dream for the first round of financing has come true: Four strong personalities and great women with corporate, start-up and exit experience," say the founders Sabine Wildemann and Felix Kosel. "Their expertise, the investment and the mutual appreciation are forming seven-league boots in which we will now quickly make even more children and parents happy, contribute to equal opportunities for mothers and fathers and support companies in implementing flexible forms of work."

Great interest in the B2B sector

Companies and organisations know that parents with happy children work more concentrated, are more motivated and can thus contribute to the company's success. To this end, companies like Gruner + Jahr initiate e.g. mental health programmes, offer their employees holistic solutions to reduce stress and promote a work-life balance. Childcare is seen as a central element by the media company and parents have been relying on the experience of since February 2021.

The focus of the start-up, which has been on the market for over a year, is to create additional and, above all, flexible childcare options. At the beginning, the offer was only available for private customers who were looking for an interactive Childcare for their children away from Netflix & Co. From September 2020, it was expanded in the direction of B2B as part of an international accelerator programme. Many companies, including Sanofi Aventis and the Cornelsen publishing house, have recognised the added value and use the solution for employee retention or for online events.

The investor Corinne Rohner was convinced: "KidsCircle offers parents an important building block for the compatibility of work and family. This is also interesting from a company perspective, as it strengthens employee loyalty, if not creates a company family consciousness. This is exactly the reason for Rohner's commitment.

The fact that this solution also supports women in particular also persuaded Dr Carole Ackermann to get involved with an investment: "Finally, an uncomplicated, modern solution for short-term childcare. KidsCircle is another piece of the puzzle in the promotion of diversity and the advancement of women's careers."

An additional offer for online events

Digitalisation has alsobrought forth new formats in the field ofevents. This segment is the second focus of the start-up. Organisers of digital congresses, trade fairs, webinars or training courses have the opportunity to offer an additional benefit specifically to the target group of "fathers and mothers". Felix Kosel: "We are registering a lot of interest, both from organisers and software providers. In the past, there was the childcare island at the fair, today it is the KidsCircle add-on that can simply be added."

This is also a reason for Daniela Hinrichs to get involved: "Together with my co-investors, I am looking forward to accompanying KidsCircle on its promising growth path. Founder Sabine Wildemann already achieved the triple-win in the first year with her digital offer: children, parents and companies are happy because their individual needs are strengthened in a flexible way," says Hinrichs, who has decades of experience in the world of start-ups.In2003, she invested in XING (then openBC), which she successfully took public with a partner in 2006.

Nicole Herzog was particularly convinced by the combination of the seed round: "The startup KidsCircle with the founders Sabine and Felix offers everything I look for in a startup investment: an energetic, likeable and complementary founding team, a product that satisfies a real need - and many smiling faces from customers. To my great delight, the start-up is backed by a powerful team of investors with whom I am also on friendly terms. I am looking forward to the journey together.

With the four experienced business angels, Sabine Wildemann and Felix Kosel have now pooled enormous expertise in order to be able to further advance the business development. A few days ago, the start-up reduced the onboarding time for companies to 3 hours. Next up is the KidsCircle Academy, where caregivers will be trained specifically for the digital space.

About the investors

Nicole Herzog

is a tech entrepreneur, business angel and board member in various companies. In her last function, she currently holds several board mandates in start-ups and companies from the tech sector.

Dr Carole Ackermann

As CEO and co-founder of Diamondscull AG, she invests in companies from the technology/ICT sector at an early stage. She is a board member of several companies and a jury member of Venture Kick.

Daniela Hinrichs

is CEO and founder, art expert and early-stage investor. She helped build the business network XING and supports start-ups with her investments, especially in the early stages.

Corinne Rohner

is an entrepreneur and consultant with many years of experience in various industries. Today, she focuses mainly on investments in the PE and VC sectors. She holds various board mandates, is involved in several advisory boards and is active as a business angel

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