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KidsCircle.io is a provider of flexible, digital childcare solutions for children aged 4+. Having their children cared for in a flexible way with enough time and staff is something many parents wish for. For today's family, the Childcare of children is becoming more and more of a challenge. Working models and lifestyles have changed and the available childcare options are far from sufficient. We at KidsCircle.io would like to fill the gap and offer flexible and sensible childcare solutions that support parents. The KidsCircle concept is designed to offer children a circle of opportunities to experience. With our diverse offer, we support and encourage the curiosity of our young earthlings. We are convinced that the Childcare in groups and across age groups further shapes the children's sociality and that the changes in group compositions leave exciting impressions. We create loving care spaces for children where they can just be, with lots of space and without performance thoughts and results.

KidsCircle.io is all about trust. That's what our customers value.

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In our view, the startup world in particular offers an excellent framework for combining innovation and entrepreneurial spirit with meaningful social action. Meaningful action brings ideas and people together and we hope to be able to make a small contribution to society with our approaches as part of our overall concept of content-oriented and flexible childcare.

We support parents with our digital Childcare and provide flexibility and time savings: when working in a home office, when working shifts, when caregivers is unavailable at short notice, during holidays or when the KiTa is closed or when there is a need for extended childcare hours.

We fill the gap of missing professionals and bundle childcare capacities by finding people with a lot of experience in childcare. Our Kids Coaches are vetted, freelance, have multiple legs to stand on, are flexible and take great joy in Childcare children.

We take the pressure off the system by creating additional childcare options - with our Kids Coaches we offer digital childcare from Monday to Sunday between 8am and 8pm.

We are doing our part to change society's understanding of the value of childcare work by standing for recognition and fair pay, and by involving mothers and fathers as well as people of retirement age: our fee rate is 22.50€/h, our Kids Coaches can bring their own children to Childcare and we enjoy working with people over 60 years of age.

We promote children's digital literacy without the pressure to perform - in interactive video tutorials, we offer childcare spaces for children aged 4 to 11, where they simultaneously learn how to use computers or tablets and digital solutions such as video conferencing and online tools as part of a meaningful activity.

Thank you very much for your interest! We are open to questions and challenges. Open criticism or also the exchange about ambiguities are an important basis of cooperation for us. It is important for us that all participants feel comfortable and in good hands at KidsCircle.io, from the child, to the parents, the companies, the coaches and us, the provider.

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Sabine Wildemann
Co-Founder & CEO

Felix Kosel
Co-Founder & COO

Sonja Baccouche
Kids Coach

Paco Schwab
Kids Coach

Martha Spallek
operations manager

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Nicole Herzog

Dr Carole Ackermann

Daniela Hinrichs

Corinne Rohner

Phyllis Studerus

Myke Näf
Advisor Managing Partner Übermorgen Ventures

Isabel Carbotta
Advisor Digital Entrepreneur

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